Phone: 937 372-2460  FAX: 937 233-9351

Email: larry@sidleaviation.com

Mission statement:  It is the mission of Beaver Valley Aviation to provide the highest level of customer service to the aviation community. We will strive for quality performance in flight training, aircraft servicing, aircraft maintenance, and product support that is cost effective for our customers. We will promote aviation goodwill in the local community and do all to be a good neighbor.

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 ...aircraft rental and pilot training

Beaver Valley Aviation of Ohio is dedicated to providing the student/pilot in the greater Dayton, Ohio area with aircraft rentals and pilot training at reasonable rates.


Don't know what kind of license to work towards?

Private: No limitations in aircraft or where you can fly. 

LSA: Limited to a 2 seat aircraft with some restrictions on where and when you can fly but the least expensive license to obtain.

There are more options!  Click this to investigate.


Online Scheduling by Flight Schedule Pro


Beaver Valley Aviation sponsors a club in which members pay $60 a year and receive a $5 per hour reduced rate on the aircraft. If you fly only one hour per month, you break even but if you fly more per month, you save.


Minimum Pilot Qualifications apply.

Questions? larry@sidleaviation.com


  Flight school list.com The largest aviation school directory on the Internet

Looking to buy or sell an airplane?


Our Equipment:

Piper Apache PA23-160 (*$245/hr)

Instructor is $45/hr for this aircraft only ....


Cessna Skyhawk C-172M (*$104/hr)

IFR certified with VOR, GPS and 2-axis autopilot.


Piper Arrow PA28R-200 (*$130/hr)

IFR certified with VOR, GPS and 2-axis autopilot and includes a Garmin 430

WAAS with HSI.


N832ES Light Sport Aircraft (*$104/hr)


Instructor ($33/hr for most aircraft)

*Includes gas and oil

Our aircraft are located at the Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport, i19, (Greene County Airport) an excellent IFR airport for business, recreation and student flying.

Free ground school on Saturdays!  larry@sidleaviation.com

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